The Coached Interviewee: Digging for the Truth

Are you getting authentic interviewing answers that lead to a “good hire?”

Job seekers are becoming more and more sophisticated in the interviewing process.

If you search the internet for behavioral interviewing responses, it is easy to find stock answers and stories to help a candidate get the job. Many job candidates have also invested in coaches who prep them for the kinds of questions that they will be asked and who encourage answers that are at best misleading and at worst false.

How can you dig through prepared replies to the truth beneath the surface to reveal the interviewee’s real capabilities and fit? How can you predict his/her behavior on the job?

You must be cleverer at ferreting out the truth than your interviewee is at masking it.

We recommend targeted training for hiring managers and interviewers using a model that shows how to probe for a candidate’s actual competencies…not just the ones s/he expects you want in the candidate.

The way you ask questions and the questions you ask often lead a candidate to feed you what you hope to hear. Avoiding the typical competency probing questions helps you to avoid unhelpful and canned answers.

Focus on an approach that creates conversations with the candidate in a way that will show their true colors.

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