Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to hire the best with Behavior Based Interviewing Training

The resume and experience of someone only tells you part of the story. When hiring new people, the most important thing to keep in mind is whether the person will be able to work effectively within your company’s culture. Experienced managers know that having the skills on paper and the qualifications for a job is not enough for someone to be set up for success. That is why behavior based interviewing training is so useful for all managers and professionals that handle recruitment for a company. Being able to understand people’s behavior and what it signifies allows you to hire the people that will truly end up becoming an asset for your organization.

Why Behavior Based Interviewing is necessary

When you hire someone, you are making them a part of a team. If you watch sports, you will know how important it is for a player to fit in well with the strategy and norms of a team. There have been many great players who underperformed when they joined a new team because they didn’t fit in. Every team and organization has its own playing style.  Whenever the coaches and managers are looking for new players, the number one thing is how the player will be able to fit into the vision of the team. That is also why there have often been teams that did not have any big stars but they ended up performing better than other teams. The same logic applies to hiring people in an organization. There are two basic reasons that this happens.

1) Every company has a different way of accomplishing tasks  

Each and every company has its own organizational culture when it how things get done and the assumptions and beliefs behind them. For example, there are organizations where a person is expected to work very hard on a specific and detailed set of instructions. These companies are typically managed by people who expect their workers to work within specified perimeters. If you hire someone who is not good at following rules and instructions, they will not fit in. There are people who show their true potential when they are given a specific task. Then are also people who only work well on open-ended tasks where they are given an objective and they are empowered to come up with their own way of accomplishing it. These people fit in well in companies that give a lot of autonomy. Effective behavior based interviewing training can help you realize culture fit.

2) The corporate culture matters

An organization is by definition a group of people working together toward an objective. This means that you need to hire people that will be able to fit in well with the organizational culture because only then will they be able to work with their teammates. Behavior based interviewing training allows you to assess a person’s past behavior through which you can extrapolate how they will perform when they join the organization.
This isn’t information which you will be able to understand reading someone’s resume or ‘give me an example when’ questions. This is information you can only gain if you know how to assess people properly. Often people who seem right on paper end up being wrong for your company and people who seem mediocre on paper end up becoming the company’s biggest assets. Behavior based interviewing is the science of avoiding the former.

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