5 Traits to Look For in Interviewees

Let’s assume your job candidate has all the technical skills needed to fulfill the requirements of the open position. Now it is your job to see that they have the attitude and work ethic that will ensure their success…not only for their benefit but also for the good of the organization.

IN addition to making sure that they are a good cultural fit, Behavior based interviewing training experts highlight 5 traits that can help guide your choices:
  1. Goal-oriented. You want workers who strive to win.
  2. Flexibility. You want workers who have faced challenges and stumbled but have shown the resilience to pick themselves up to learn from the experience and grow.
  3. Desire to improve. You want employees who welcome constructive feedback so that they can handle each successive challenge more ably.
  4. Well organized. You want employees who can prioritize their responsibilities in a way that makes sense for them and for the organization.
  5. Team oriented. You want employees who work well with others, commit to the team goal and know when to lead and when to follow.

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