2 Tips to Better Sift Through the Applicant Pool

Let’s say you are a hiring manager with 100 new graduate applicants for one open position. How do you sift through the applicant pool and pick those who deserve a one-on-one-interview? Here are some tips from behavior based interviewing experts.
  1. Start by looking carefully at the graduate’s resume and cover letter. Are there spelling errors? Is it professional in appearance? Is it tailored to highlight the experience that is needed for your specific job opening? Sloppy, ungrammatical resumes and generic cover letters do not reflect well on the candidate or on your company.
  2. Look beyond the facts for evidence of initiative, creativity and leadership. Has the candidate held any positions of leadership…on an athletic team, school club or volunteer group? Is there a theme that speaks of their passion or what motivates them?
The key is to sift for those with good written communication skills and those who take advantage of opportunities in life. Then invite them in for an interview and dig deeper for proof that they are the person you hope they will be.

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