Unexpected Approaches to Hiring Top Talent

You know the standard routine…review resume for experience, test experience and attitude during interview, check references, hire.

But there are some behavior based interview experts who advocate looking for the hidden attributes of candidates…attributes that may in the long run prove even more important than experience. These experts maintain that you should examine new hires from the point of view of philosophical fit with the culture, complementary skills and personality. Here is why:

  • Longevity.  New hires who fit comfortably within the company culture are much more apt to be content and stay for the long term. You want to know that what they find meaningful and what motivates them suit the purpose of your company and those who work there.
  • Diversity.  The goal should be to hire for diverse talents where one can complement another. Too many “think-alikes” can sink a ship. You want a balance of skill sets. This makes for a much more resilient business.
  • Fit.  Skills can be learned, but one’s distinctive personal qualities and outlook cannot. Be sure you hire people with whom you would want to work on a day-to-day basis. 

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