2 Big Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid

So many bad hires…and so many due to a couple of common interviewing mistakes. Good interviewers apply some discipline to the process. They take their time in forming judgments and they follow a proven and structured interviewing procedure.

Here, according to behavior based interview training experts, are the two big mistakes that are made regularly by hiring managers trying to build a high performing team:
  1. Falling in “love” or “hate” at first sight.  It is natural to make snap judgments…we all do it. But such quick judgments are unfair to both the interviewer and the job seeker. Put aside any prejudices and try to get to know the candidate for what they can contribute to the organization.
  2. Ceding control of the interview to the job seeker.  To determine if the candidate has the behavioral competencies needed for success at the job, you need to have defined the specific competencies beforehand. Then you should design the interview with questions that will uncover those key competencies that will make a difference. Letting the candidate “tell his own story” will not give you the information you need to make a “good” hire.

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